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No matter what your age, and where you are at with your SOGIE (Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Expression) you are certainly aware of belonging to a sub-group, a group that is often marginalized, and a group that experiences particular challenges. You are likely to have experienced conflicting and confounding messages from family, friends, loved ones, and society at large. You may have experienced significant discomforts, impacting your sense of self and personal identity. Feelings of distress, disappointment, anger, and a range of complex emotions often occur in the face of your experience with others, and/or as a result of your self-reflective questioning. Therapy provides a safe place to express thoughts, explore your feelings, receive guidance and support as appropriate, and obtain validation and direction. Whether you are single or in a relationship, bi/queer/trans/or DL, life affirming skills can be developed to enable you to fully realize your potential and live your life as the person you want and deserve to be.