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Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination services assist parents in making joint decisions related to family matters, specific to issues affecting children in the family. The need for this service is typically provided post-divorce, though unique situations may involve Dr. Raymond facilitating meetings between parents prior to divorce. The process is an alternative to litigation. It is a way of resolving disputes in a timely manner while minimizing stress to parents and children.

Dr. Raymond's appointment as a Parent Coordinator is based on agreement of the parents, and is usually stipulated by the court or attorney referral. The scope of issues addressed through Parent Coordination is generally established at the time of appointment. Matters typically addressed involve flexibility in varying parenting time, temporary shifts in parenting time, conflict over extracurricular activities, conflicting approaches to child rearing, and temporary modifications to allow a child to attend social or other activities, or special events. Though these matters may seem minor to the adults involved, they are often very important to a child. In as much as conflicts between parents can escalate into crises level disputes, Parent Coordination provides a means to de-escalate tensions by providing a neutral setting in which reasoned and rational communication can occur leading to resolving conflict.